I started photographing as a freshman in high school. I was hooked when I printed my first image . I rarely left home without my camera. In my twenties I moved to Asheville, N.C.

Eventually I enrolled in the photography program at McDowell Tech. It was an incredible experience. I’ll never forget the instructors and Students in the program with me.

Shortly after graduating, I moved to Atlanta GA. Since I’ve been here, I have had a several shows over the years. The last show, portraits painted with light featured all my DJ friends.

Times have changed. I started photographing with film in 1984. Now, I shoot primarily digital, and my darkroom is my computer.

My work is definitely progressing over time. Lately I've been interested in evolution of objects over time. Plants and Machines are a particular source of inspiration. I have also started doing light painting again.

I plan to show those images in the near future.